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Key Lock Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Elephant Anchor Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Children Charm Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Love Lock Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Snowflake Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Leaf Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
Rubik Cube Bracelet | Labelle Jewels
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Labelle Jewels | Buy 1 Free 2 Assorted Bundle Charm Bracelets First Collection

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    Dear valued customers, to celebrate our annual Anniversary, we are giving away  2 FREE bracelets for every bracelet sold. All the bundles are fixed and cannot be exchanged individually from another bundle. For the purpose of this promotion, orders are limited to 100 BUNDLES ONLY. Once the limit is reached, we will stop processing this offer. We want to thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

    Looking for wonderful gifts for yourself or your loved ones? Look no further. There are a total of 17 bundles of charm bracelets up for selection. These beautiful bracelets are designed for all occasions. Let your outer charm sparks like never before and be prepared to receive numerous compliments when you put them on. They are extremely elegant and comfortable to wear regardless of your wrist size.

    Select ''Bundle 1'' for butterfly charms

    Butterflies are a good representation of beauty and amazing transformation.

    Butterfly Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

    Select ''Bundle 2'' for elephant charms

    These gentle giants will become a great reminder for us that we can be strong but not rude, be kind but not weak, be bold but not bully, be humble but not timid, and be proud but not arrogant.

    Elephant Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 3'' for owl charms

    Owls are a symbol of high intelligence. If you love owls, these cute bracelets are OWLS (all) yours.

    Owl Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 4' for musical note charms

    Music is the best nourishment whether you are happy or sad. Music is a universal language that connects us together from all walks of life.

    Music Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 5'' for heart charms

    These delicate and classy heart charms would not only catch the eye of the beholders but their actual hearts as well.

    Heart Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 6'' for key and lock charms

    Unlock your success to anything in life using the right key to the right lock!

    Key Lock Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 7'' for elephant, anchor and wheel charms

    Steer the wheel and harbor the anchor of your incredible strength (elephant) in the right direction until it brings you closer than yesterday to your goals.

    Elephant Anchor Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 8'' for girl charms

    These charms would allow you to re-look on some of the unforgettable time that you had during your childhood.

    If you are a parent, these bracelets would be a thoughtful memento of how much your child has grown.

    Children Charm Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 9'' for love lock charms

    Charming love locks to remind you to constantly love with all your heart and soul unconditionally.

    Love Lock Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 10'' for snowflake charms

    When the winter is over, these snowflake charms will bring you back to the happiest and joyful moments that you have during the Christmas holidays.

    Snowflake Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 11'' for leaf charms

    When the leaves fall, it signifies the beginning of spring. These leaves will be there to hold the fondest memories that you have during that season.

    Leaf Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 12'' for Rubik's cube charms

    To solve a Rubik's cube, it requires more than just intelligence. You need focus and patience. If these personality traits fit you, these bracelets are definitely for you.

    Rubik Cube Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 13'' for compass, wheel and anchor charms

    All these three are some of the important parts of the ship during every sail.

    Compass - provides direction at sea. In life, you need directions as to where you want to go.

    Steering wheel - to navigate you to the intended destination. It represents your control over decisions you need to make to achieve your intended goals.

    Anchor - to hold or to release the ship from moving. Metaphorically speaking, our anchors in life will be the acumen of knowing when to stop and knowing when to keep going. 

    Anchor Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 14'' for circle charms

    These circles represent the ''The Circle of Life'' whereby it reminds us of togetherness no matter at which point we are standing, we will be bound to meet back each other when the moment is right.

    Circle Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

     Select ''Bundle 15'' for hoop charms

    These elegant and simple hoop charms bracelets will bring the extraordinary out of your most ordinary outfits.

    Hoop Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

    Select ''Bundle 16'' for hand charms

    There is a new saying. It takes one hand to wave, two hands to HIGH FIVE, and three hands to tango!


    Hand Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

    Select ''Bundle 17'' for crystal skull charms

    For all the Indiana Jones fans, these unique ''crystal skulls'' are just for you! Let your treacherous yet exciting adventure begin! 

    Skull Bracelet | Labelle Jewels

    Product Specifications

    • Materials: Zinc Alloy, Austrian Rhinestones
    • Bracelet Colors: Gold/Silver/Rose Gold
    • Chain Type: Popcorn Chain
    • Charm Size: Approximately 3 cm x 3 cm
    • Length: Approximately 20 cm
    • Weight: Approximately 30 g


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    • If there is no note left behind, same product with different variations will be randomly selected and shipped to you. Please refer to screen below as reference. In this case, this buyer has selected one unit of gold and one unit of silver tree of life drop earrings.

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    Q: What is the story behind Labelle Jewels?

    A: More about our humble beginning and aspirations HERE.

    Q: How do I determine which size to pick?

    A: As a general guide, please refer to our size chart HERE.

    Q: How does the ''Bundle Discount'' work?

    A: Certain products listed on our website are entitled to ''Bundle Discount''. This means, the more you order, the more savings you will gain from bulk purchase.

    Q: Can I select the same variation for ''Bundle Discount'' items?

    A: Absolutely, you can select the same or different variations that you love without additional charges. We would definitely recommend that you go for different variations because each variation is beautiful on its own!

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    A: Yes, we provide free shipping across 200 countries globally.

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