Our Story

Why Labelle Jewels?

The word ''Labelle'' derives from the French vocabulary which means beautiful woman.

When the two words combined together, Labelle Jewels simply means beautiful jewelry for all women.

Our online store name is also inspired by the name of the founder, Miss Belle.

Our story begun about a decade ago when Miss Belle got her first ever silver necklace from Swarovski™️ in Vienna, Austria by using her hard earned savings through various part-time jobs that she worked back in her home country in Malaysia.

She traveled there as part of her holiday trip during her time pursuing her studies in the city of Sheffield in The United Kingdom.

Her three-month stay there was nothing short of a memorable experience.

Since then, that very silver necklace has become a memento for her when she returned to her motherland.

All her memories about her time at the university, the camaraderie that she built, the joy and laughter that she shared, even the sadness and tears that she shed  forged deeply inside her heart and thoughts until today.

Only then, she realized something incredibly significant - The value of each piece of jewelry does not only lie in its extrinsic value. The true value actually lies beyond its price tag - The memories and sentimental values that come along with it are what truly count the most.

Fast forward to year 2017, Miss Belle aspires to recreate her unforgettable moments for every woman from all walks of life.

Hence, this is why and how Labelle Jewels was born.

What Do You Have To Offer?

At Labelle Jewels, we want to offer affordability and exclusivity to our customers.

All jewelry that you find here are specially sourced from China, India, The United States, and The United Kingdom.

We truly believe that strength is not when we are apart but is when we are together.

By engaging with craftsmen from different parts of the world can allow us to share the diverse interpretations as to how a beautiful piece of jewelry can be designed and produced.

We stand behind the quality of our products. If you encounter any issues with the items bought from our store, we are more than happy to make things right for you. HERE is our refund policy for your information.

Over the years, logistic costs have increased exponentially. We worked tirelessly to negotiate with our logistic partners to ensure that we could get the best deal for our business so that it can enable us to continue to provide free delivery service to our customers regardless of the size of orders made.

In addition, we want to ensure your orders are delivered to your doorstep within a reasonable time-frame. For more information about our shipping time, please refer HERE.

We understand that making a purchase online could be an intimidating experience for some people due to internet security and credibility of the vendors. We want to assure you that we as buyers do have these concerns as well. Hence, we place a very high priority and diligently implementing solutions to overcome these matters.

Therefore, we engaged with one of the most trusted and prominent payment gateway providers,Paypal to handle every single transaction for our website. Please be rest assured that our site is verified by Paypal.

To enhance the transparency of our online store, we want to encourage all buyers to check out using Paypal so that you are protected by Paypal Buyer's Protection policy.

On top of that, we want to assure you that your connection to our website is secure all the time in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data and credit card information.

We highlight this because we truly want to give you the confidence when shopping with us and we want to ensure that your orders will reach you in time.

In view with the effort to ensure affordability to our products, we only operate via online to eliminate non-value adding costs such as rental, utilities, staff costs, maintenance, etc. for a physical premise. As such, we can pass back the savings that we enjoy to our customers.

Additionally, for certain products listed on our site, there is a ''Bundle Discount'' introduced to allow our customers to get a much more valuable offer when they order more than one unit of item within the same product line.

Giving our customers the best offer is the best decision we can ever make for our business.

When our customers win, we win too!

We are always on standby to provide timely online assistance to all of our customers.

Please contact us HERE should you need any help.

Stay In Touch With Us.

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On top of it, you will stand a chance to win special giveaways, discount vouchers, and gift cards from us.

Additionally, you will be the first in line to get notified of our new designs at special price exclusively for our ''Community Members'' only.

Whereas, the rest of the public will be the last to find out and would not be able to enjoy any of these attractive offers from us.

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Last but not least, happy shopping and stay in touch! :)

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